GPS Navigation for Android with maps of Europe - PREMIERE


MapaMap Europe for Android™ - under this name appeared GPS navigation system for mobile devices running Android containing maps of the whole of Europe. The solution is a navigation system on-board type, which stores all the maps in the phone's internal memory (or on a memory card), so you avoid roaming costs associated with the collection of maps for navigation in other countries. The system offers precise navigation with turn-by-turn lane assistant function that will lead to a specified address, and along the way warn against exceeding the speed limit, which can protect you from the high seats in other countries.


The manufacturer of the system is well-known Polish provider of digital map company IMAGIS SA, which offers GPS navigation systems for a variety of hardware platforms including: Android, iOS, Windows.

























MapaMap Europe for Android™ offers navigation in 44 countries. You can install all European maps once on your phone or use a special function “map manager” and retrieve only those countries which at the moment we are interested in the most. If you have a phone or tablet with Android, navigation can be tested free of charge for a period of 7 days. Trial free version can be downloaded from below.


MapaMap Europe for Android™ is not only a system for use in car navigation. The solution will be useful for anyone who chooses to travel abroad, even by plane, train or bus. Navigation is in fact a database of over 1.5 million objects of interest (POIs) in Europe, which can be easily hit the airport, railway station, hotel or restaurant choice. Navigation also has thousands of detailed urban plans that will enable the efficient movement of European cities.



If the 7-day trial will convince us to this navigation solution, the manufacturer offers us to buy perpetual license (called LifeTime License). The perpetual license mentioned above (LifeTime), we can use the navigation, unlimited in time, but only one mobile device.


- Purchase LiveTime version (179zł)