MapaMap 8.0 with social functions


"You inform others, they inform you" - the motto of MapaMap 8.0 introducing social features to your navigation. MapaMap 8.0 is the latest product combines the best features of a professional navigation, and social functions of exchaning information between users. With the new solution, users  can warn each other b efore police, speed cameras, accidents or road works. The new functionality allows sending such information to other users in ON-LINE mode immediately. New social warning will always work, even when you will not be navigated at a time for a particular purpose. MapaMap 8.0 is available for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS, and the only requirement is a function of social applications' access to the Internet.



The priority of safety and avoiding fines. Designing social solution users warn each manufacturer MapaMap put the safety and avoiding fines. This is because, among other things outside warning of traffic controls, users can submit a newly created cameras - the place where the easiest of the mandate, but also receive informacjo about the dangers on the road such as traffic accidents or collisions. Any such notification of real-time distributed to thousands of users MapaMap, so that they are warned in time. May told the driver time to adjust their speed to the waiting situation on the road, which directly translates into increased safety and results in savings for users, who managed to avoid fines.


Verification of applications - a social interaction. Anyone who receives a warning from another road user is able to confirm if actually took place, or cancel the event if not observed. This allows users to update each transmitted information, and thanks to the interaction between them build a community that cares about road safety. In addition to verification of events by the users themselves manufacturer MapaMap navigation within its structure established a separate unit responsible for the verification and reporting of road accidents in the system. Thanks to broadcast information will be more timely and reliable.


Navigation and social functions - free of charge. It is worth noting that the described social networking functionality is complemented only professional navigation solution that provides MapaMap 8.0, which navigates by-turn voice prompts, lane assistant, traffic information system. The attractiveness of the latest navigation MapaMap also provides the ability to install it for free on your smartphone or tablet in the 7 day trial period. Test version, refer to the online store of applications for mobile devices such as Google Play or AppStore.