MapaMapa 6.6 – versatile GPS navigation


Along with the premiere of new MapaMap 6.6 users receive the newest packet of digital maps of Poland (III quarter 2010). The current database was enriched with 1784 new plans of cities and towns, 7471 new POIs and 3770 km of roads (including all newly emerged road investments connected with preparations to "Euro 2012"). The producer didn't forget about hiking trails and cycle ways, which were extended significantly, with additional 2611 kilometres.


The characteristic feature of new MapaMap 6.6, which makes a visual distinction between the new version and the previous ones, are photorealistic buildings 3D, so-called Landmarks, which present  the most recognisable buildings in particular cities. MapaMap 6.6 provides users with 24 Landmarks in the capital city. Among them they can find: Zamek Królewski (Royal Castle), Teatr Wielki (Great Theatre), Pałac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture and Science), Rotunda, Złote Tarasy (Golden Terraces shopping centre) and popular „palm” on Rondo de Gaulle’a (de Gaulle Roundabout).


Cycle ways and hiking trails (ready to navigate along them) , were already added in previous MapaMap versions. However, MapaMap 6.6. keeps on developing touristic purposes by introducing new navigation option: „short cut”. The mode enables application to guide the user to his destination along a straight line while ignoring  road network, paths and pavements. „Short cut” mode can be very useful, particularly while hiking, e.g. in the woods, but it can also be interesting solution for enthusiasts of  OFF- ROAD sports, regardless of whether they use bicycle, motorcycle or off-road vehicle.


Fans of hiking will be delighted with a new feature of MapaMap 6.6, which enables them to display contour lines on the map. The lines present terrain along with information about height above sea level. Terrain data cover all territory of Poland. Users can choose whether they want to display contour lines, or not (swich on/swich off options are available in the menu).


For advanced users of navigation, MapaMap 6.6 introduces new opportunity: entering different formats of coordinates. Since now users can enter detailed coordinates of destination using 3 most popular  formats. The feature can be useful for those who practice Geocaching, which is an outdoor game with the usage of GPS, consisting of searching for "treasures" hidden by other participants of the game.


MapaMap 6.6, as its previous versions, takes care of constant updating POI database, including speed cameras (presently 1852 locations). Apart from searching for any POI nearby the current position, given address or route of the present moment, navigation can warn the user against objects of selected type. MapaMap 6.6 introduces individual sound messages warning against points: speed cameras, level crossings, schools, pre-schools, hospitals, bus stops or petrol stations.


MapaMap 6.6 can also warn users against exceeding speed limits on particular road sections - the producer has collected information about speed limits on all main roads in 16 provinces and in 125 selected towns in Poland.


Additionally, cyclic events, which take place periodically every year, were added to POI database. Events could be added to the database owing to the co-operation with website, which takes care of updating different kinds of udertakings. Events are divided with reference to their theme into: cultural events, entertainment events, sport events, music events, undertakings related to science, events in: cinemas, theatres, kabarets; shows for children and exhibitions.


Detailed information about digital maps of Poland, which are introduced by MapaMap 6.6 and tagged with PL-2010Q3, are presented below:


- 2,6 million address points (precisely: 2 614 835)

- 7767 plans of cities and towns, including 3366 detailed plans with addresses

- 452 967 kilometres of roads, including 135 770 km of dirt roads

- 38 717 kilometres of cycle ways and hiking trails


- 28 towns enclosing contours of buildings

- 16 towns enclosing transparent 3D buildings

- 24 photorealistic 3D buildings, so-called Landmarks characteristic for Warsaw


- Speed limits on all main roads + 125 in particular towns


- 211 794 points of interest (POI), including:

-  28 348 points of retail trade (shopping centres, hipermarkets, supermarkets, shops)

-  23 420 accomodation objects (hotels, hostels, holiday resorts, guesthouses, lodgings, private accommodation)

-  20 624 banking objects (bank branches and cash dispensers)

-  15 953 food&beverage points (restaurants, bars, fast food bars)

-  7629 events (including cyclic events)

-  6855 moto service points (car service stations, car wash, tyre service, rent-a-car)

-  6111 petrol stations

-  1852 speed cameras