MapaMap functionality

Navigation turn-by-turn
MapaMap navigation system will guide you to a destination turn by turn. To facilitate the navigation system will notify you of upcoming maneuvers voice and graphical information on the navigation panel. Presented there useful information include: lane assistant, assistant maneuver, the arrow direction, information about the distance to the next maneuver, maneuver direction, distance to the target and the estimated time to reach the destination.


Our navigation software contains routing algorithms specially prepared for the realities of the Polish road. In their methods MapaMap routing takes into account parameters such as: the type of road surface, speed limit for the road, directional road and traffic restrictions in the form of prohibitions turning, entering or turning. The user has the option to choose one of many options routing. The basic one is the fastest route, shortest and optimal. You can also set your own preferences routing modifications that will be the fastest route, shortest or optimal. The system can determine the route for passenger cars, the route for pedestrians and route "across country". The system is able to avoid toll roads, dirt roads and ferries. You can also plan your own route with multiple waypoints (points VIA), which would like to visit on the way to the destination.


NEW: Social functions
MapaMap on devices with Internet access provides social functionality allows users warn each other before controls the police, speed cameras, accidents and congestion. Reported traffic incidents are immediately distributed to other users in ON-LINE mode. Users can also mutually verify their applications.


The traffic information:
MapaMap Navigation system offers information about traffic jams presenting data traffic on Polish roads. This information is made ​​available to users through a combination of statistical data on the frequency of use and current information about the situation on the roads. Orange (medium intensity), red (high intensity), black (very high intensity).



Selecting a destination
Useing the navigation MapaMap you can select your destination in several ways. Knowing full destination address (city, street, house number) and enter the details and a route to a designated location. The navigation system will also lead us to the place where we do not have complete data and, for example, we only know the name of the city to which you are traveling (then the system will lead us to the center of the city) and we only know the destination city and street name without a house number (then the system will lead us to the beginning of the searched street). Software MapaMap lead us also to specific geographic coordinates if any have or indicated on the map. The system is also able to get to any public facility POI found in the map.


Trip computer:
- Distance to the nearest maneuver
- Speed ​​current, average, maximum
- Distance to destination, miles driven
- Geographic coordinates of the current position
- Time spent on the road, time of arrival

Navigation options:
- Lane Assistant
- Change the map orientation
- Change the icon of the current position
- The addition of new speed cameras
- Enlarging the scale of the map before the maneuver
- Information about speed limits
- The arrow next maneuver on the map
- Display the mileage of roads (chainage)
- The ability to record the route traveled (trace route)
Map Settings:

- Display of compass
- Displaying favorite places
- Set color map for the night
- Set color map on the day
- Display of paid parking zones
- Ability to determine the map view, 2D / 3D
- Select the font size of street names in captions
- Display the vials (the terrain)
- The ability to display 3D buildings and LandMarków
- Display of hiking trails and bicycle paths
Screen Settings:

- Automatic switching modes day / Night
- Selection of a suitable interface skins per day
- Selection of a suitable interface skins for the night
- The ability to dim the screen at night by 50%
- Ability to enable animated menu
- Ability to establish your own background
The settings for POI:
- Enable / disable the display of the selected type of POI
- Enable / disable warning of the selected type of POI
- Enable the display of POI recommended by the manufacturer
- Import POI database
- Export database of your own POI
GPS Settings

- Enable / disable the GPS receiver
- Set the speed of the GPS module
- Automatically detect GPS receiver
- Set the port work for the GPS receiver
- View the amount of satellites and their signal strength GPS

Voice settings and subtitles:
- Selection of the language for voice and subtitles
- Changing the type of voice messages for women / men
- Ability to determine the volume of messages
- Automatic volume adjustment dep