MapaMap 6.8 presents: paid parking zones


IMAGIS S.A., the producer of  MapaMap software, presents successive version of MM navigation - tagged 6.8. It introduces the newest map of Poland (updated for Q12011), which includes over 465 000 km of roads, 8937 city plans (including town plans) and over 219 000 POIs. The newest map enables navigation along 26 new road sections, which have been recently added and have come into use. It includes, among others:



- New section of A1 highway: Bełk-Świerklany
- New section of S3 express road: Myślibórz-Gorzów Wielkopolski
- New section of S8 express road (near Wrocław)
- New section of S7 express road: Bieżanów-Christo Botewa (near Kraków)



Moreover, MapaMap 6.8 launches unique option: displaying paid parking zones in big urban agglomerations. Paid parking data have been collected from all cities with the population of 100 000 citizens and over and cover 30 biggest cities in Poland. Paid parking zones are presented on the map as areas of different colour so that it is easy to distinguish them from non-paid areas. Every zone of that kind encloses detailed information about the fares  of a stay in a particular place. Users who don't need paid parking zones to be displayed can switch them off in Settings of the application. Paid parking zones data will be successively verified within every quarter's upgrade of maps by the producer.



Another novelty introduced by MapaMap 6.8 is a new version of the keyboard. Its aim is to eliminate entering characters by chance. After pressing particular letter it is enlarged and it is entered not until it is released, which makes the handling easier and quicken entering characters.



For those who like having their navigation personalised MapaMap 6.8 enables the selection of icons presenting the current position of the vehicle. Until now it used to be an arrow pointing the direction of the movement, since the premiere of MM 6.8  users have possibility of choosing icons which present different types of vehicles, e. g. : a car, a racer (F1 look-alike), a tank.


MapaMap 6.8 is enriched with several improvements, such as: acceleration of refreshing the map, fluent rewinding of menu and more precise snapping of the symbol of the current position to the road we are driving along. Beginning with the day of the premiere the new 6.8 version will be successively available for different GPS devices which support MapaMap software.