Premiere of MapaMap Travel PL for iPhone


The premiere of new navigation for iPhone, announced by IMAGISS. A. and scheduled for 4 April, took place according to plan. The product, labeled MapaMap Travel PL, appeared in Apple webstore. It is available at a price of  € 29,99 and can be bought through iPhone (on App Store) as well as through a PC on


New IMAGIS navigation contains the same detailed maps of Poland which are well-known from MapaMap navigation systems. The application is offered in so-called LIFE TIME licence, which means the iPhone owner can use it for unlimited time.





MapaMap Travel PL offers ”turn by turn” navigation  with the help of voice messages, graphic information about the nearest manoeuvres and a display of the calculated route on the map. MapaMap Travel PL provides several features, such as:

- Possibility of choosing various destinations: address (city, street, building number), GPS coordinates, POI, favourites, recent destinations
- Menu and voice messages in several languages (English, German, Polish)
- Possibility of adding one’s own points: favourites, recent destinations
- Automatic switching over between day and night modes
- Warnings against speed limits exceeding
- Simulation mode available in route planning menu
- Possibility of choosing the route: the fastest, the shortest
- Possibility of planning routes with VIA points
- Automatic route recalculation
- Warnings against speed cameras
- 2D and 3D map views
- Journey statistics
- Turn assistant
- Auto-zoom


MapaMap Travel PL contains detailed maps of Poland which are prepared and updated by IMAGISspecialists. More details on maps can be found below:

Information about the road network and city plans in Poland:
- 2,6 million address points (exact number: 2 630 923)
- 465 335 kilometres of road, including 144 488 km of dirt roads
- 8 937 plans of cities and towns, including 3388 detailed plans with addresses

Topographic data:
- woods, parks, green squares, green areas
- rivers, lakes, canals, streams, ponds, moats
- mountain tops, passes, ravines, valleys, cliffs
- urban areas, industrial areas

Over 200 000 POIs
24, characteristic for Warsaw, photorealistic 3D buildings, so-called Landmarks