Polish GPS navigation for Android


MapaMap for Android is a successive version of popular in Poland navigation, which has been available for several hardware platforms, among others: portable devices with Windows CE system, for popular iPhones and „Smartphones” with Windows Mobile. Now, it's time for the platform with the highest development potential - Android.


MapaMap software for devices with Android system is a perfect, ‘’door to door” navigation with voice messages and complete, essential information needed in car navigation. Apart from navigating us turn by turn, MapaMap warns us in case we exceed speed limits and against speed cameras. Journey computer (journey stats) collects data and provides us with information about distance to the nearest turn, distance to our destination, estimated time of our arrival and time of the journey with covered kilometres.
























You can use MapaMap navigation during hiking or cycling – the producer took care of map database, which contains hiking trails, cycle ways and terrain data for whole Poland. Urban hiking becomes easy with rich database of 220 thousand POIs, among which we can find not only  accommodation and restaurants, but also sights and any other places sought by a tourist, such as: museums, monuments, historic buildings, view points.


”Presently we are engaged in talks with leading phone and tablet computer producers and telecommunications companies in orderto choose our future partners, along with whom we will offer our newest solution to the end-users” – says Marcin Niewęgłowski, IMAGIS’ board president. ”First, our navigation for Android is going to appear on Polish market along with our partners’ devices, then it will be available on Android Market web-store.” – he adds.
























MapaMap for mobile phones with Android is equipped with detailed map of Poland, which consists of: detailed road map, over 9 thousand city/town plans (including over 3400 locations with detailed addresses), database of 223 thousand POIs, 19 thousand km of cycle ways and over 24 thousand km of tourist tracks. Additionally, the map contains:


Topographic data:

forests, parks, squares, green areas

rivers, lakes, canals, creeks, ponds, moats

peaks, passes, ravines, valleys, cliffs

urbanareas, industrialareas

terrain (whole area of Poland covered) with contour lines


Helpful navigation data:

speed camera database enclosing 1888 points

speed limits on all main roads + in 125 chosen cities

16 cities with 3D buildings

28 cities with building contours

63 cities with paid park zones



Like any other version of MapaMap software with detailed map of Poland, this one – for Android, will be updated 4 times a year.